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Matsuoka Video Fund Raising

Matsuoka Roshi Documentary

You Could Make It Happen!

Our new IndieGoGo fund raising page
has launched for the documentary on Matsuoka Roshi.
Please spread the word far and wide!

Hi Everyone!

The Soto Zen Silent Thunder Order (STO) is announcing a IndieGoGo fund raising effort to produce a documentary on the life of our founder Soyu Matsuoka Roshi. The Documentary will be filmed this fall during our Pilgrimage to Japan.
The link is here:

Members and friends, please make a donation and Practice Leaders, please copy and paste the link to all posts and emails. Let's get this thing funded. Feel free to contact me with any questions.


Chase Breedlove

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June Dharma Byte: KNOWING


In Zen we speak of “not-knowing” as the preferred alternative to knowing, and the “don’t-know mind” as an aspiration to the highest accomplishment of human consciousness. Just to say knowing is to imply its opposite, in the conventional sense, and to raise obvious questions, such as what do we know, for sure, and what do we not know.

Knowing is usually associated with intellectual knowledge of various kinds. There is the kind of knowledge that can be gained through practice, such as how to sit in zazen or how to drive a car, involving motor muscle memory. There is the kind that can be gained through study, such as history or a second language, involving mental, or conceptual, memory. And there is knowledge of another kind, that is, knowing in the sense of apprehending our present reality, which may involve a kind of memory of past experience of previous periods of time that made a lasting impression on us, and which form a benchmark for comparison.

There is also the knowledge of how we know what we know, that is, the study of learning and consciousness itself, gained intellectually through the scientific examination of cognition, i.e. “brain science.” The study of the brain is a good example of what we think we can know, and how we can know it. Technology has been developed to allow imaging of the brain in real time, illustrating the firing of neurons in various areas of the organ theorized to control or associate with the functions of the body as well as the mind, such as memory.

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STO Enso Logo
Why do STO Members Come to Atlanta in July?

For many returning to the Atlanta Soto Zen Center is like a home-coming.
Even if you have never been you will find your lineage's heart spirit here.

We invite you to join us for our Fifth Annual Sesshin and Silent Thunder Order Conference, July 8 through 12, 2015
There will be time for traditional Zen training and activities including walks in an urban forest-Green Dragon Trail just outside our doors at ASZC.
And importantly, you will get to know your Dharma brothers and sisters from many of STO's fifteen affiliate Sanghas around the US and Canada.

In Sangha we teach each other the Dharma and this is a wonderful time and place to do so.

We look forward to seeing you in July.
Please register early. Click HERE to register now.

mokurai calligraphy

Taiun Michael Elliston-roshi
Abbot, Silent Thunder Order and Atlanta Soto Zen Center
Zenku Jerry Smyers
Chair, STO Board of Directors

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